Following on from our recent blogs about the prevalence of redundancy in Adelaide – this one is full of some good news!

Typically employers will consider supporting retrenched workers with an outplacement program. It’s useful to get advice on what to look for before choosing a provider. 

Outplacement programs show employees, ex-employees and the general public that the employer cares. They provide an important support system and source of help and advice to people who are often in a state of shock, anger and surprise.

Sometimes, retrenched workers need more help than their outplacement provider provides. It’s typical to receive a 4 week program of assistance and yet take weeks, months or even years to find work. Some employers do not even provide outplacement services at all. So, its good news, then, that there is some free help at hand for workers who have been made redundant.

To supplement individual outplacement programs, free support workshops will soon be available in Southern Adelaide, to help workers whose job has been retrenched.

The facilitator says “These will start in February and run on Thursdays in the Marion area, commencing Thursday 16th February. Workshops will start at 10am and be repeated at 2pm so particpants can choose what time suits them best. The workshops will be tailored to the needs of participants and will focus on:

  • Resume and application writing;
  • Finding the hidden jobs;
  • Using technology to find and apply for jobs;
  • Interview skills training;
  • Finding a new career path, entering self-employment; and more

Retrenched workers can find out more and register their interest by emailing  with “Free workshops” in the subject line.

These workshops are free for anyone whose job has been retrenched. Please pass the message on to any retrenched worker you know, so no-one misses out.”

Whilst such workshops are not a substitute for an outplacement program providing individual career transition support, they may be a useful supplement for retrenched workers who need some extra support.

Check out the other sections of the Outplacement Adelaide website to find out more about good practice when it comes to organising redundancy and outplacement services in Adelaide.

If you would like the contact details of someone who can help you with redundancy, outplacement and related legal or practical issues, contact Outplacement Adelaide on 8322 8455 and we will provide details for an experienced Employment Lawyer, Industrial Relations or Outplacement Consultant who can help you.