In a happy footnote to our blog of March 27th, the receivers have finally found some money to pay the redundancy and other entitlements of distribution and head office staff of Pumpkin Patch.

The New Zealand Herald reports ‘Robert Reid, First Union General Secretary, said it had been speaking to members and they were “over the moon” with the payout news.

“They’re glad they can draw a line under this.”

But he said the payout should have happened by right and called for the government to make changes to employment law.

“Our Government should follow Australia’s lead and implement laws like the fair entitlement guarantees scheme.

“No one should be put out of work wondering how they’re going make ends meet. Everyone needs basic security.”

Reid said similar laws saw former retail workers in Australia and New Zealand receive preferential redundancy payments but not those at its distribution centre or head office.’

We’re glad that workers whose positions were retrenched have at last got the reassurance of a payout, even though it’s reportedly capped at $22, 160.

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