This year Coca Cola announced it will close its SA manufacturing operations by 2019, with the loss of 180 jobs. GM Holden has announced it is closing its Elizabeth site in October – resulting in a knock-on effect on automotive suppliers such as Walker Tenneco – so, what happens to their workers now? Many of those workers may be leaving their current positions imminently.

In February, Mr Weatherill announced a support program for Coca-Cola workers, worth around $2500 per worker, which will be for training and career services. The Advertiser reports Coca Cola as saying it is providing support to its workers: (by) “individually work(ing) with each employee affected in order to “provide financial counselling, personal support and assistance in finding new positions”.

The government has set up the Automotive Workers in Transition program and Beyond Auto to provide support and assistance to retrenched automotive workers. GM Holden has a package of support and help for its people too.

What new jobs might there be for Coca Cola or automotive workers? There’s the crunch – many are uncertain that their current skills will help them find a new job – and they may not always easily transition into new training and new career opportunities such as those offered by CSC or the NDIS.

Sources of help and career advice

Help is available. There are free workshops for retrenched workers, those at risk of retrenchment and their family members seeking a job. There is career development help, advice and information available via Beyond Auto, the Automotive Workers in Transition program and the Career Development Services.

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