Should outplacement be part of your wellbeing policies?

Some organisations call up an outplacement consultant just before they need them. That can be a stressful time when it’s not so easy to remember to ask all the right questions. Others write outplacement policies in a thoughtful manner well in advance of needing them. That’s smart. Smart organisations include outplacement for all retrenched workers as a key part of their offering or employee value proposition. The best companies include outplacement policies as part of their employee value proposition and…

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More News of Redundancies in Adelaide and Australia

Whilst many organisations are conducting redundancy programs out of the public eye, in Adelaide and across Australia, here are some who, sadly, made the headlines in the last few weeks. Firstly, new RAH contractor, Wunda Projects, has reportedly been taken to court over non-payment of superannuation and redundancy payments. They owe nearly $130,000 in unpaid superannuation, redundancy payments and late wages, according to the state’s construction union. Seven West Media has kicked off a round of job cuts, as the…

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What are an employer’s legal obligations, with regard to redundancy, if there is a transfer of business?

There are many legal questions surrounding redundancy – especially when there is a transfer of business. The best advice anyone can give you is to seek out competent legal advice prior to making any plans. There are variations and complications, law changes and exceptions – that only an Employment Lawyer will be sure about. The following information (from the Legal Services Commission of SA) is dated December 2016 and can be used as a guide.  Check out their website and…

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More cuts as South Australian nurses face first-ever redundancies

[Read the full article here] Sadly, some redundancy situations in Adelaide and SA are linked to changes in government funding. Despite this news headline (above) nursing and medical staff, even staff working in education, have faced redundancies in Adelaide in recent years due to the withdrawal of government grants or funding. Typically the funding has been moved to another organisation, or interstate, leaving people to apply for new jobs in many cases. In this case it seems many workers will…

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Sunset photo kindly used with permission from Damian Janitz Photography.