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Useful redundancy links and local redundancy seminars and events

Please contact an employment lawyer if you have any legal questions. The authors of this website are not legal experts. Nothing in this website constitutes legal advice.

Employers considering retrenching workers will want to be familiar with the Fair Work Act 2009 which lets employers know their obligations. For example, it requires employers, planning to retrench 15 or more workers, to notify Centrelink in writing as soon as possible after making a redundancy decision and before dismissing any employees.

For redundancy information for employers from Centrelink / the Department of Human Services, click here. This page will let you know your employer obligations with regard to notifying Centrelink about redundancies, it will give you the employer form you need to complete and details of how to contact Centrelink. You can also get information about organising financial information sessions from Centrelink, for your retrenched workers.

Go to the Fair Work Ombudsman’s website for useful legal information on redundancy pay and entitlements. Click here. This page will tell you how much you need to pay retrenched workers; it provides the Notice and Redundancy Pay Calculator for you to download and provides details on when redundancy pay doesn’t need to be paid. You can also check redundancy entitlements for different awards here.

Click here to see information from the Legal Services Commission of SA about redundancy pay and redundancy notice periods under the National Employment Standards (for circumstances where there is no award, contract or agreement which provides for greater entitlements for employees).

Click here for information about redundancy entitlements when a business is sold or goes into receivership.

Did you know the government provides a Fair Entitlements Guarantee for employees of a business that has gone into liquidation? More details can be found here.

If you ever are faced with an unfair dismissal claim, you may have as little as 7 days (e.g. in the Fair Work Commission) in which to respond in writing. It is therefore imperative that you take steps immediately; if you are going to get advice from a lawyer then it’s best to get on the phone or email straight away. If you don’t know a lawyer to call ask The Law Society for recommendations of lawyers who specialise in redundancy cases. You can call them on 8229 0200 or send an online query here.

Local Outplacement and Industrial Relations Help in Adelaide

We will be adding more contact details to this section of the website soon. In the meantime call 8322 8455 if you need to find outplacement, industrial relations help or legal contacts in Adelaide. We can provide some local contacts who can help you prepare for redundancies.

To find out more about local outplacement services, click here.

If your workforce is affected by the transitioning automotive industry in Adelaide, click here.

Join the Outplacement Adelaide facebook page here.

How effective is outplacement help in helping retrenched workers to find new employment?

See the Research page of this website for links to outplacement research from Australia and across the world.

Redundancy and Outplacement Seminars for Managers and Events for Retrenched Workers.

Enter your contact details here if you would like us to notify you directly of free “Preparing for Redundancy” seminars in 2017. These free seminars are for HR Managers, State Managers and Business Managers preparing their organisation for redundancies.


We will also announce Redundancy Seminars for Managers in 2017 on the Outplacement Adelaide facebook page. Please like the Outplacement Adelaide facebook page to keep up to date.

Redundancy and Outplacement Seminars for Managers cover:

  • Alternatives to redundancy to consider
  • The legal aspects to take into account when planning redundancies
  • Your employer obligations with regard to consulting employees or their representatives
  • Legal case studies
  • The benefits of outplacement support

FREE Workshops for Retrenched Workers

There will be free workshops for retrenched workers in 2017, commencing 16th February 2017. These workshops will be held near the Marion Shopping Centre, Oaklands Park. All retrenched workers are welcome, particularly those who have come from the automotive industry and its supply chain. Please pass this information on to any retrenched worker you know. Participants can register their interest or find out more by emailing the workshop facilitator at

To stay up to date, please like the Outplacement Adelaide face book page too.

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